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Top 10 Solar panels

Solar energy is the one, which is available free, and once you install cheap solar panels you just have basic maintenance costs with no additional overhead costs. Instead of opting for costlier options for power, you can buy solar power panels. If you are looking to buy solar panels USA then you must buy one of these top-rated solar panels. Generally, LG and SunPower are considered the best quality solar panels as they provide the highest efficiency, longest warranties and lowest degradation.

List of top 10 solar panels:

  • LG energy
  • SunPower
  • Winaico
  • REC
  • Q Cells
  • Trina Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • Canadian Solar
  • Seraphim
  • JA Solar


These companies and brands are regarded as one of the best domestic solar panels company. Other renowned brands for solar module panel includes Phono Solar, Suntech, Panasonic, Tindo Solar, Hyundai Solar and LONGi Solar.

Latest trends in solar technology:

Most of the above-mentioned brands offer various panels of mono and poly categories. Even the power rating and warranties of portable solar panels may vary considerably. Some of the notable advancements in the solar panel industry include:

  • PERC: Passivated Emitter Rear Cell.
  • Bifacial: Dual sided panels and cells.
  • Multi Busbar: Multi-wire and ribbon bus bars.
  • Dual glass: Frameless panels made up of double glass.
  • Split panels: panels using half cut cells.
  • HJT: Hetero junction Cells
  • IBC: Interdigitated Back Contact Cells.


These innovations are explained more in detail below. They are offering various improvements in efficiency, reliability is increased and tolerance to shade. Several manufacturers are offering a performance warranty of 30 years.

REC Twin Peak 2 module with P-type PERC half cut cells

There are varieties of Solar panels, which are available in the market which includes Flexible solar panels, folding solar panels, portable solar panels and solar hot water panels. Before you are investing in the solar panel, proper research is required. You can find the complete guide in the review of solar panels, which explain selecting the reliable solar panel. They have also mentioned the best manufacturers and wholesale solar panels in the markets. There are various cheap solar panels for sale are available in the market. There is also best quality solar panels manufacturer present in the market. There are also several domestic solar panels manufacturers, which have become very popular among installers of Australia. They are providing the quality, support, high performance, and value for money.

Difference between Mono and Poly-Silicon Cells

Various debates are always going on for deciding the superiority of PV cell technology between poly crystalline and mono crystalline silicon cells. Mono cell is been cut from a single crystal and is more efficient but it is also very much expensive to the manufactures. The higher cost of mono have supported poly technology as preferred cell type and it is very famous in the last 5 years. Poly cells are also known by the name of multi crystalline and it is made up of multifaceted crystalline material. This is very cheap to produce but offering very low efficiency. Both are manufactured widely and are very reliable. Mono-cells are considered as very superior technology in regards to the efficiency. In Mono, cells are offering very improved performance, which is having low-temperature co-efficient. The LID, which is light-induced degradation, is a slightly lower rate over time.

Mono-cells are mostly blue and dark black in color having the diamond pattern. Poly cells are square edged and which is appearing blue in color. Be aware of various cheap solar power also available in the market. Buy solar PV panels which are available in the market.

The mono cells are having the silicon crystalline structure, which is free from grain boundaries. The impurities are very low and having a unique manufacturing process. The multi-cells are having very small boundaries of crystal, which are acting as the minute barriers, and it can be more susceptible to the formation of micro-cracks. This is happening because of the cyclic stress and the thermal expansion of several years.

Future of PERC

PERC cells solar module panel are emerges as the premium technology for many manufacturers in both the poly and mono silicon cells. PERC is standing for the Passivized Emitter and rear cell, which is the advanced architecture of the cell.

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