World Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

World Best Solar Panel Manufacturers

Buying Solar panel is a tough task and it is quite difficult to choose the most reliable and quality solar panel suppliers. If you are buying solar panel Australia then check out the quality, performance, company history and feedback from industry professionals of solar panel Australia. List of top solar panel distributors is prepared based on the innovation, quality, value and efficiency of their panels offering. These are most innovative companies and brands that aim to improve reliability, performance, and efficiency of solar panels.

Top solar panel brands:

  1. SunPower:

If you are looking to buy the best in the class brand of solar panels then Sunpower is the brand to consider. It is the world leader in manufacturing high-efficiency solar cells. It provides a power output warranty rate of 92% retained capacity even after 25 years of use on X and e series of the product. Another benefit is that users get a 25 years manufacturer’s warranty on Solar panels of this brand. But these are comparatively costly products as the IBC N-type cells used in these solar panels are expensive. This brand is not available easily in Australia and these are the most common solar panels USA. E-series panels of SunPower are widely used as solar Panels system globally. They have a high performance, due to which they are preferred.

  1. LG Energy:

This is the best value brand for solar panels and the manufacturer guarantees reliable, high performance and quality panels. You should consider this brand as it has several years of experience in this industry and offers 25 years warranty on modules such as Neon R and Neon 2. It makes use of N-type solar panel cells of high grade. Multi-wire busbarsare used in Neon 2 range of solar panels, which are LG’s premium quality panels. These are considered the most popular panels if you want to buy solar panels NZ.

  1. Winaico:

Although it is a small manufacturer and solar power provider as compared to the above-mentioned companies, it offers a premium range of products that are of high quality and yet affordable. If you want to buy cheap solar power then Winaico M6 PERC is the best alternative. It comes with an extended manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years. Installers recommend and trust this brand for performance and reliability. It has a very good record of accomplishment even in the harsh environmental conditions of Australia.

  1. REC:

If you want to save on solar panel system cost then the solar panels from REC are the best option. The TwinPeak2 range of panels by this manufacturer are quite popular. The main attraction of these panels is that they are the first panels that are available using the split module format and half size cells that provides better efficiency and shading tolerance.

  1. Q cells:

This is a very well-known manufacturer of the solar panel. They are having an average product warranty of 12 years and their performance are improved by 83% after 25 years. The new Q peak Duo range of modules, which are of the split cell, is the latest innovation from Q cells which are containing 6 bus-bars and having an efficiency of 19.3%.

  1. Trina Solar:

This is the largest manufacturer of solar panel in the world. They are investing very heavily in the generation of low cost and high-efficiency modules. The Trina honey range of solar panels is very well known in the market. They are mostly known for its great quality and customers are getting the value for their money. Mostly the Honey M solar panels are very famous and very well known among all. They are made up of crystalline solar panels.

Other Manufacturers

Various other manufacturers are offering very good value and the best quality of solar panels. The Australian made solar panel of Tindo is very famous. There are some top manufacturers of solar panel from Australia are shown below:

  • Canadian Solar
  • Jinko Solar
  • LONGi Solar
  • JA Solar

Other Premium Manufacturers

Besides shown above there are other manufacturers of the solar panel who are very notable and is considered as best for producing the reliable and high-quality panels. The names are given below:

  • Panasonic
  • SunTech
  • Phono Solar
  • Seraphim
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