Solar panels are in huge demand as non-renewable sources of energy are depleting. Now people are moving towards more eco-friendly and cheap source of the power i.e. solar panel system. Solar panels to have the cost of installation and purchase associated with it. Earlier it was a huge cost to buysolar PV panels but now cheap solar power is available globally. Nowadays you can buy solar power panels from anywhere in between 100-500 dollars each depending upon several factors.

Solar panel price is not the only thing to look out the form while buying solar power. It is important to consider the size of solar panels, available space and your needs too. Solar panels are durable and you can use it for years together so you should invest wisely to get the best return on investment.

Available quality options for domestic solar panels

Most solar panel providers provide panels in one of the 3 tiers of quality. The tier one solar panels are the best ones and it constitutes 2% of the solar panel system available in the market. These panels are made using advanced robotic processes and are made up of best grade silicon to produce solar cells. If silicon grade is high in the solar panel roof tiles then it will last longer and is more efficient in converting sun’s energy to electricity.

The modules that are commonly used by tier 1 quality solar panel contractors to manufacture flexible solar panels, portable solar panels and folding solar panels include Flex, REC Solar, JA Solar, and Sun Power.

Tier two quality panels are manufactured by solar panel contractors using the manual as well as robotic assembly of solar panel system and are less in quality of silicon as compared to tier 1. These are good panels at a reasonable price of solar panel plan.

Tier 3 panels constitute for 90% of new manufacturers in the industry. Although they offer cheap solar panels for sale, these panels are assembled manually and there is no research work done in designing these panels. This leads to low quality and inefficient solar panels that are not reliable in terms of electricity output.

Other factors to consider while choosing a solar panel


You should buy solar panel roof with a positive tolerance. Negative tolerance means that a 200 watts panel will generate 195 watts only under ideal conditions. If the tolerance is positive it will generate more under standard conditions.

Temperature coefficient

This determines the impact of heat on the operation of a solar panel after installation. Choose a solar panel system with a lower temperature coefficient. Such a solar panel system cost can be higher as compared to others, but it is worth it.

Conversion efficiency

This is the efficiency of the solar panel to convert light into energy and you should choose one with a higher conversion efficiency.

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